Fostering Innovation in Higher Education

Empowering students to develop practical tech skills that shape society in a tech-changing world


Education—An Essential Part of Our Social Responsibility Strategy

We’re a tech company, but NGO founders at heart. Before we developed our tech business, all leadership members were active in the NGO industry. That’s why education is our primary social responsibility pillar.

As part of our mission, we’ve founded Softbinator Foundation, a non-governmental organization that aims to improve technical education in Romania at every level. Our Foundation’s goal is to foster the development of local talents and highlight Romania on the global map as an innovation center.


Our Vision

We seek to create impactful research solutions to current and future tech challenges. As research and development (R&D) is our company’s core, we aim to support local research and development opportunities that spur innovation and progress with our partners and communities.

To make this happen, students need to align with the requirements of the labor market and work with the latest tech to seize all the benefits modern equipment offers.

Our Initiatives

Elevate Students’ Learning Experience

We leverage our tech skills and bring our contribution to building a future-ready innovation ecosystem through partnerships with local universities.

Our strong partners are:

Computer Science Faculty within the University of Bucharest

Computer Science Faculty and Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, part of Ovidius University in Constanța

How We Help

Mentoring from our tech experts

One of our goals is to improve universities’ curricula by upgrading programs and introducing new courses.

To support this initiative, we teach Android and iOS development courses, practical experience classes in Javascript, and modern frameworks like ReactJS or AngularJS.

Provide cutting-edge tools and technology

We support universities in providing students with modern learning spaces so they can thrive in a more tech-oriented setting. We constantly upgrade university laboratory rooms with Mac computers and terminals to accommodate students’ growth.

Equip students with practical tech skills

Students and fresh graduates gain practical coding experience under our direct instruction through our Bootcamp and Softbinator Labs programs.

It’s our way of filling the gap between theory and in-demand tech skills to land a job in the IT field.

Offer grants to enable innovative tech projects

Softbinator Technologies is also the main partner of Hackathon programs and Student Scientific Communications Sessions in the IT field.

We mentor students and young start-uppers and also hand out sponsorship awards and runner-up money prizes to the best project ideas.

Support “ANIS Grants Program” Yearly Scholarships

Our company is proud to be involved with and award yearly scholarships in the “Anis Grants Program” Program initiated by the Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry. This program supports career development and curriculum redesign support for young university-level professors (under 40 years old).

We mostly grant scholarships for university programs related to blockchain technology.

We’re also sponsoring and supporting the Innovation Labs program—a 3-months mentoring and development program for young entrepreneurs and start-up teams.

How You Can Contribute

Softbinator Foundation is our not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to raising the bar on software development and supporting Romania as a leading tech innovation hub. We envision a world where all IT specialists uplift their skills and co-create a better future.

If you’re a company with the same mission and want to partner up, please reach out! We’d be happy to join forces and have a greater impact—together.