Our Work Process

An Agile first product development company with a focus on fast product release and scalability

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Why We Work Agile

Beyond empowering our development team to work together and deliver the best tech solution, our top-down Agile approach accelerates product delivery.

We balance the project management triangle of time, quality, and cost—always optimizing two elements at most.

Here’s what you should expect from our work process:
  • Conduct company analysis and gather all product requirements.
  • Build an effective and strong core team.
  • Set a clear budget for the MVP.
  • Build your product in sprints for rapid prototyping.
  • Work in small incremental releases.
  • Refine and readjust based on new contexts or edge cases.

Following the Scrum methodology, we keep all stakeholders in sync and regularly provide feedback on every small project detail.

The Best Approach to Product Development → Full Stack

Whether you choose our cross-functional teams to build the entire product lifecycle or staff augmentation, we’ll support you in achieving your goal and speed up the development process.

We quickly fill up the missing puzzle pieces in your team and bring in the right people with the required skills and expertise, ensuring a tight-knit collaboration to bring out the best possible result.

Our focus is to deliver scalable and secure solutions while fully integrating product design, product management, software development, and product marketing services.

Agile Pillars We Stand By

  • We Work in Sprints

    Based on each project, we set Scrum or Kanban sprints for usually two weeks with a product owner who fine-tunes a backlog and keeps the entire team aligned with the sprint goal and priorities.

  • We Work with Scrum Masters

    As Agile coaches, our Scrum Masters empower teams with high autonomy and support a shared decision-making process to increase productivity and remove potential bottlenecks.

  • We Build and Scale Incrementally

    Keeping development cycles short and breaking the problem into small chunks allows us to enable continuous scaling and iterative improvement; you can give your feedback on each developed version.

  • We Always Start with an MVP

    We prioritize the design, testing, and implementation of a set of core MVP functions, so you can identify the product’s most valuable capabilities and speed up the launch of your solution.

Why Us

Flexible Schedule

Our product development team works effectively in multiple time zones.

English Proficiency

All our team members are native English speakers.

Client- Centric

Direct communication with your team. No extra layers, no overhead.

Proactive Account

Flexibility and willingness to adapt based on your business demands.

Strong Agile Culture

Quick response to changes for fast-paced development and product delivery.


Industry insight and efficient delivery frameworks that bring your idea to life faster.

The Benefits of Cross-Functional Teams

Accelerate time to market
Reduce costs
Dedicated and professional team
Holistic business approach

Scale Up Your Product and Software Development

Drop us a line about your project at [email protected] or via the contact form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

  • We guarantee confidentiality for all provided information.
  • Arrange for signing an NDA if requested.
  • Talk to product and tech experts – no middlemen.


    • It’s alright if you’re not familiar with the Agile methodology yet. This is where we intervene; our role is to guide you and provide you with resources. Agile is our way of working and we always stick to it because, in our 10+ years of experience, on the market, we know that other ways of working reduce quality and delivery time while greatly increasing costs in the long term. In addition, it’s a best practice in software development and gives us a lot of agility even when the company works with several suppliers and we are one of them.

    • Yes, we work in several time zones. While we establish common availability hours from the beginning, we also have colleagues from abroad who can serve clients globally—regardless of where they are. We have a client onboarding process where we establish all these details, along with the reporting method and frequency of communications for total transparency and calibration of expectations.

    • No, you don’t. We have products for which we offer services in all areas (product management, design, software development, and marketing). But we can offer individual services, too (e.g., only software development)—and have refined work processes over time that allow us to integrate well into any team, including with several suppliers. However, from experience, it’s important that all roles are covered to increase the chances of product success.