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Helping start-ups and companies build and implement decentralized applications

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What You Need

  • Enable more efficient transaction processing

  • Ensure immutability of databases

  • Set up asset tokenization for your business

  • Secure storage of sensitive data

How You Can Reach Your Goal

We set up the right blockchain development team based on your project and industry vertical and build custom distributed ledger solutions for secure and strategic products.

Our skilled blockchain engineers use the right combination of cryptocurrency programming, individual nodes, and architectures that disrupt your industry and boost business growth.

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Blockchain Services

  • dApps Development

    Turn your vision into a secure and scalable dApp from ideation to Proof of Concept and launch! Implement seamless open-source code and ensure high levels of data integrity, privacy, and no downtime.

  • Smart Contracts Development

    Create a safe way to formulate an agreement between two or more parties in public and private blockchain networks. Develop architecture for your business use case and enable gas optimization.

  • Smart Contracts Security Audits

    For DeFi, dApps, or NFTs, our blockchain experts fully analyze smart contract code and compile all identified vulnerabilities into a detailed report.

  • On-Chain Games

    Our cross-functional teams develop fully functional and appealing on-chain games from concept to design graphics, in-game items, tokenomics, and exchange infrastructure.

  • NFT-Enabled Solutions

    Build custom tech infrastructure for NFTs, solve interoperability issues, and migrate NFT collections.

  • DeFi Platforms (Yield Farming, Lending & Borrowing Platforms)

    Develop the next generation of financial services that empower transaction transparency and facilitate business flows. Enable quick and immutable peer-to-peer lending and borrowing solutions.

Why Us

Flexible Schedule

Our blockchain product development team works effectively in multiple time zones.

English Proficiency

All our team members are native English speakers.

Client- Centric

Direct communication with your team. No extra layers, no overhead.

Proactive Account

Flexibility and willingness to adapt based on your business demands.

Strong Expertise in Ethereum

Experience in creating swift and cost-efficient EVM-compatible blockchain solutions.


Industry insight and efficient delivery frameworks that bring your idea to life faster.

Our Process

We build an effective cross-functional team of professional blockchain engineers, matching their experience with your project details and business use case.

  1. Consulting, Planning and Budgeting


    Set up the core team members you need to develop a blockchain software development solution within your suggested timeline.


    Arrange meetings to discuss:

    • use case and proof of concept
    • project requirements
    • MVP features and prioritization
    • budgeting plan
    • blockchain tech roadmap and strategy
    • development speed KPIs
    Roles involved

    Business Analyst
    Product Owner
    SCRUM Master
    Senior Software Architect
    Product Manager

  2. Define Design and Software Components


    Build a resilient and scalable software architecture for your product.


    Select a blockchain development framework, coding practices, design patterns, and tech stack to build, deploy, and easily scale your blockchain solution.

    Roles involved

    Senior Software Architects
    Product Designer
    UI & UX Designers
    DevOps Engineers

  3. Coding and Development


    Develop the front-end, back-end, and infrastructure with a proper programming language and set interactions and transactions across all nodes.

    • Define high-priority features by continuous improvement within 2-week sprints
    • Perform integration, scalability, and functional testing with each sprint
    • Provide a demo at the end of each sprint, collect feedback, and revamp upcoming versions
    Roles involved

    Software Architects
    Software Engineers
    DevOps Engineers
    Product Owner

  4. Security Assessment


    Identify and remove smart contract bugs and vulnerabilities.

    • Based on the developed code, perform enhanced unit tests/integration tests, manual auditing (check vulnerabilities in all line codes)
    • Formal verification, and fuzzing of the smart contracts architecture
    Roles involved

    Security Architects
    Smart Contracts Engineers

  5. Deployment and Launch


    Ensure successful deployment and launch management.


    Configure, deploy, and launch a release version of the end product on a test network. Launch the app on the main network after successful results on the test network.

    Roles involved

    Software Architects
    QA Engineers
    Product Owner

Our Blockchain Tech Stack

Blockchain Use Cases

Leverage the full potential of blockchain technology for your business! We have experience in developing reliable, enterprise-grade decentralized applications for these industries:


Financial institutions can develop blockchain platforms that make payment processes more efficient and enable savings and transparency on international transactions. Financial blockchain platforms include e-wallets and P2P & SME lending platforms for loan management.


Enforcing blockchain technology in the gaming industry brings several benefits, like safe and transparent online transactions, enhanced data security, ownership of in-game assets, and control over the gaming experience to players. 

Media & NFT Royalties

Through smart contracts, media and entertainment brands automatically monitor performance ads and publishing rights and track fraudulent activities. Artists and content creators enable fully automated payment systems for perpetual secondary sales of digital content, gaming accessories, or physical items. 


Through advanced automation and strong security, we support insurance companies in creating more transparent claiming processes and lower administrative costs through immutable logic built into smart contracts. 


Our blockchain software solutions help supply chain and logistics companies reduce administration time and costs as well as acquire data and transaction transparency. With smart contracts, companies improve the security of goods and simplify logistics tracking. 

What We Ask From You

We’ll need just a few details from your side before we kick-start your project:

Product vision/Goals/ KPIs
Availability for communication gathering sessions

Marius Baisan

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Marius

Looking to Integrate a Blockchain Solution?

I’ll assemble the right team to build and implement decentralized applications.

  • Get a response within 24 hours.
  • Arrange for signing an NDA if requested.
  • Talk to product and tech experts — no middlemen.


  • While we support cryptocurrencies and believe they’re a good investment, we’re not interested in developing partnerships with other companies to develop our own cryptocurrency.

  • For all the blockchain solutions we develop, we only use EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) compatible chains due to Ethereum’s widespread adoption in the market, especially by Web3 developers who build decentralized applications.

  • We’ve released blockchain products on almost all EVM-compatible chains, like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonbeam, etc.

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