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Research-oriented  design team with proven track record in delivering global products

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What You Need

You’re a start-up or an established company that needs to:

  • Turn your idea into an MVP

  • Change or improve your MVP

  • Validate your product idea and see if it can generate traction

  • Improve your product metrics: conversion, retention, or performance

  • Expand your product or add new features

The right product design approach will help you achieve all these and much more.

How You Can Reach Your Goal

Turn your vision into a tangible solution! Our teams handle the whole product design process: from research to roadmap, prototype, and market-ready digital products.

We do stakeholder management and assist product engineers and product marketers in ensuring that the solution we work on is human-centered and will address millions of people.

You move faster and increase product success chances with less overhead.

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Why Us

Flexible Schedule

Our engineering teams work effectively in multiple time zones.

English Proficiency

All our team members have an advanced level of business English.

Client- Centric

Offering maximum support and guidance whenever you need it.

Proactive Account

Flexibility and willingness to adapt based on your business demands.

Strong Agile Culture

Quick response to changes for fast-paced development and product delivery.


Industry insight and efficient delivery frameworks that bring your idea to life faster.

Our Process

Whether your product needs to be built from the ground up or simply refined, we integrate research throughout the process and constantly validate the design through usability tests and user feedback.

  1. Immersion and Research


    Getting to know you as a company, stakeholders, and users to gain key insights that will inform our process throughout.

    • Review prior documentation and research
    • Desk research
    • Market research
    • User interviews and surveys
    • Customer journey mapping
    • User personas
    Sample Output

    A PDF report of findings and recommended next steps

  2. Product Definition and Planning


    In this phase, we aim to define what exactly we need to build and why, as well as get everyone aligned on a roadmap.

    • Define what you need to build
    • Identify and define the hero moments of the product
    • Define product requirements
    • Align all stakeholders: product managers, product marketers and product engineers
    • Set priority
    Sample Output

    Product planning (product requirements, KPIs, timeline and deliverables)

  3. Ideate, Prototype and Test


    We aim to create a vision for what the right experience will be through rapid prototyping and validation.

    • Proposing design ideas
    • Concept testing
    • Usability testing
    • User and stakeholder interviews
    • Quantitative and qualitative research insights
    Sample Output

    Interactive prototypes of the hero journeys

  4. Deliver, Measure and Adjust


    This is the phase where we get heads down and switch into delivery mode, making sure we craft a compelling MVP experience.

    • Usability testing
    • Supervise product development
    • Create the final UI & UX deliverables
    • Design QA meetings
    Sample Output

    Final Digital Product Design (Interaction Patterns, Visual Language, Motion Language, Sound Design)

Product Design Tools We Use

Industries We Are Active In

Prioritize the right problem and come up with the best solution based on your unique case. We’ve acquired specific mastery and know-how in these industries:


  • Household budget monitoring tools
  • Wallets
  • Online banking apps
  • ERP systems


  • Crypto security tools
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Trading apps

B2B Tools

  • SaaS software
  • Collaboration tools
  • Work & productivity tools
  • Mind-mapping apps


  • Doctor-patient communication apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Medication management apps
  • Health state monitoring apps

What We Ask From You

We’ll need just a few details from your side before we kick-start your project:

Product vision/Goals/ KPIs
Availability for communication gathering sessions

Radu Vucea

Design Leader

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Looking to Build an MVP?

I’m here to help you validate your product idea and build a successful MVP.

  • Get a reply within 24 hours.
  • Arrange for signing an NDA if requested.
  • Talk to product and tech experts — no middlemen.


  • Our design services include UX research and consulting, UI/UX design services, and design workshops. The UI/UX services cover prototyping and MVP, and our personalized design workshops will help your design team improve their skills, like user research or design thinking.

  • Our process doesn’t work that way. We build up a design team based on your unique case and match design professionals with a proven track record in your business industry best practices. Our team will be just what you need to build a successful product.

  • If you’re in a different time zone, we’ll make sure to schedule our sync meetings at a time that fits best for both parties. Additionally, English language is our company standard and we have experience working with customers from all over the world, so you won’t experience any difficulties regarding cultural differences.

  • There’s no simple answer to this question; it usually depends on your product’s scope and complexity. Each project is unique, and we can estimate the completion of the design process once we discuss your goals and plans.