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Manage complex solutions and enable faster time to market with a solid software development process

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What You Need

You have an idea or an already launched product, and you need to:

  • Build a new product from scratch

  • Expand your product

  • Optimize the software architecture of your product

  • Scale your solution to handle millions of requests

  • Augment your team’s development skills

The right software development team can turn your product’s vision into a successful and value-driven business.

How You Can Reach Your Goal

Get a full-expertise team to handle custom software development projects from A to Z! Forget the overhead of finding and recruiting both mobile and software app development experts!

We hire software engineers 3X easier than the industry average thanks to our active involvement in Romania’s higher education system.

Our surefire approach is handpicking engineers with solid expertise in your industry, plus product owners and SCRUM masters, to ensure everyone aligns with your goals and deadlines.

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Why Us

Flexible Schedule

Our product development team works effectively in multiple time zones.

English Proficiency

All our team members are native English speakers.

Client- Centric

Direct communication with your team. No extra layers, no overhead.

Proactive Account

Flexibility and willingness to adapt based on your business demands.

Strong Agile Culture

Quick response to changes for fast-paced development and product delivery.


Industry insight and efficient delivery frameworks that bring your idea to life faster.

Our Process

We are strong believers in the 3 pillars of SCRUM: transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

That’s how we fully integrate agile methodology principles at every step of the product development process, from design concept to product marketing.

  1. Planning and Budgeting


    Define the core team members you need to develop a fast prototype within your project timeline.


    Arrange meetings to discuss:

    • product requirements
    • MVP specifications
    • budgeting plan
    • product roadmap
    • development speed KPIs
    Roles involved

    Business Analyst
    Product Owner
    SCRUM Master
    Software Architect
    Product Manager

  2. Define Design and Software Components


    Create a robust and scalable software architecture for your product.


    Select the most suitable framework, coding practices, design patterns, and tech stack to build, deploy, and easily scale your product.

    Roles involved

    Software Architects
    UI & UX Designers
    DevOps Engineers

  3. Coding and Testing


    Build the product front-end, back-end, and infrastructure and create a solid QA and security testing strategy.

    • Define high-priority features by continuous improvement
    • Schedule the software / app development lifecycle into 2-week sprints
    • Execute QA tests and security checks with each sprint
    • Deliver a demo at the end of each sprint, collect feedback, and recalibrate next sprints
    Roles involved

    Software Architects
    Software Engineers
    DevOps Engineers
    QA Engineers
    Product Owner

  4. Readiness and Release


    Ensure successful deployment and release management.

    • Configure, build, and test a release version of the end product
    • Evaluate deployment risk, and double-check changes before deployment
    Roles involved

    Software Architects
    QA Engineers
    Product Owner

More about the beneficial effect of an agile culture on product development here.

Tech Agnostic

Our team of specialized engineers can solve different types of problems regardless of the programming language or tech stack. We take a high-level approach, compare the benefits and drawbacks of different technologies, and choose the one that best fits your project.

Our Experience

Products Equipped for Any Type of Growth

Products Equipped for Any Type of Growth
Success Story
  • fintech
  • B2B

Name of the project

Tagline of the project

Location: Singapore


Short description of the case:

Define high-priority features by continuous improvement, and schedule the software development lifecycle into sprints that usually take 2 weeks. Execute QA tests and security checks with each sprint.We deliver a demo at the end of each sprint, collect feedback and recalibrate upcoming sprints.


Industries We Are Active In

Develop secure and compliant FinTech software for your business—from payroll tools to banking systems—and enable intelligent automation, risk, and wealth management.


Develop secure and compliant FinTech software for your business—from payroll tools to banking systems—and enable intelligent automation, risk, and wealth management.


Evaluate your business needs and build scalable, safe, and future-ready EVM-compatible blockchain solutions in finance, insurance, logistics, and more.


Help you create custom, compliant, and secure healthcare systems, including workflow automation solutions, personalized care and treatment tools, or patient management apps.


Leverage the latest integrated architectures to develop multi-platform, fully integrated IoT systems for various use cases by fulfilling all best industry practices.


Create customized educational software that covers collaborative and iterative instruction approaches to improve and elevate the learning experience.


Build and integrate media and entertainment solutions, including online publishers and content delivery software that reaches and engages audiences.

What We Ask From You

We’ll need just a few details from your side before we kick-start your project:

Product vision and business goals
Target launch date
Availability for communication gathering sessions at least 2 times/month

Alex Dianu

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Alex

Looking for Top Talents?

I’d be happy to help you augment your team’s development skills.

  • Get a reply within 24 hours.
  • Arrange for signing an NDA if requested.
  • Talk to product and tech experts — no middlemen.


  • From the very beginning, we define the team members needed for your project based on complexity and industry vertical. But if you consider your project requires an increase in work intensity or, on the contrary, you want to reduce it, we’ll adapt the team based on your needs.

  • We provide full control and transparency over all stages in your project’s development lifecycle. You can monitor the process over regular calls and meetings. We also set recurring meetings throughout the entire custom software development process.

  • We have developed our own service agreement and NDA, and we sign them with our development teams. The agreements ensure the full confidentiality and transfer of intellectual property from our team to your company. Once you assign your project to us, we sign up for an agreement that hands over all intellectual property rights to you.

  • Yes, it’s possible. Our software engineers are well-versed in various technologies and will always be able to continue a product started by a different development team. Our software development services are tailor-made to your needs.

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