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Efficient product vision and stakeholders management for a winning market entry

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What You Need

  • Less management overhead

  • Efficient stakeholders management

  • Capability to prioritize product features

  • A common language across teams

How You Can Reach Your Goal

We handle the entire management overhead for you. We’re coordinating the product development process, from strategy to execution, defining and adjusting the roadmap, and joining forces with all the teams involved in product development.

As a result, you get a holistic approach to delivering cost-effective, functional, and valuable products.

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Why Us

Flexible Schedule

Our engineering teams work effectively in multiple time zones.

English Proficiency

All our team members are native English speakers.

Client- Centric

Offering maximum support and guidance whenever you need it.

Proactive Account

Flexibility and willingness to adapt based on your business demands.

Strong Agile Culture

Quick response to changes for fast-paced development and product delivery.


Industry insight and efficient delivery frameworks that bring your idea to life faster.

Our Process

Based on an iterative strategy plan, we apply validated learning and evaluate product progress through a continuous feedback cycle.

The end goal of our product management approach is to constantly enhance the product and add valuable features users want.

  1. Product Discovery


    Get a deep understanding of your business and company overall.

    • Evaluate company objectives and priorities
    • Determine product risks (value, usability, feasibility, and business viability risks)
    • Define and detail product positioning
    • Detail clear expectations of the development process
    Sample Output

    SWOT analysis and company profile

  2. Market and Competition Analysis


    Identify target market gaps and opportunities.

    • Research market trends
    • Build competitive analysis
    • Identify and define market segmentation
    Sample Output
    • Competitive market analysis report
    • A priori segmentation report
  3. User Research


    Find underserved and important user needs and their motivation to use a product.

    • Conduct qualitative and quantitative user research
    • Detail user demographics, behavioral traits, interests, and pain points
    • Create user journey maps
    • Describe the user persona’s experience with your product
    Sample Output
    • user persona
    • value proposition
    • user story mapping
    • Jobs To Be Done statement (understand the customers’ goal, context, constraints, and desires)
  4. Guide the Product Development Process


    Formulate a product development strategy and OKRs.

    • Create the product differentiation strategy
    • Align all teams with the product’s scope
    • Identify and assess product risks (value, usability, feasibility, and business viability risks)
    • Gather and communicate feedback during each iteration
    • Coordinate product design efforts
    • Backlog prioritization and sprints scheduling
    Sample Output
    • Product roadmap
    • Epic story mapping
    • Product increments
    • MVP
  5. Strategic Planning and GTM Strategy


    Achieve product-market fit.

    • Integrate the GTM strategy with product positioning and goals
    • Identify and set up product metrics
    • Align sales with product and marketing teams
    • Choose and iterate on pricing strategy
    Sample Output

    GTM strategy and product traction

Product Management Tools We Use

Industries We Are Active In

Combining research solutions with industry insights, we help you create value-driven products.
We’ve gained advanced expertise and keep up with the latest trends in these industries:


Develop secure and compliant FinTech software for your business—from payroll tools to banking systems—and enable intelligent automation, risk, and wealth management.


Evaluate your business needs and build scalable, safe, and future-ready EVM-compatible blockchain solutions in finance, insurance, logistics, and more.


Help you create custom, compliant, and secure healthcare systems, including workflow automation solutions, personalized care and treatment tools, or patient management apps.


Leverage the latest integrated architectures to develop multi-platform, fully integrated IoT systems for various use cases by fulfilling all best industry practices.


Create customized educational software that covers collaborative and iterative instruction approaches to improve and elevate the learning experience.


Build and integrate media and entertainment solutions, including online publishers and content delivery software that reaches and engages audiences.

What We Ask From You

We’ll need just a few details from your side before we kick start your project:

Product vision/Goals/ KPIs
Availability for communication gathering sessions

Radu Vucea

Product Leader

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  • Get a reply within 24 hours.
  • Arrange for signing an NDA if requested.
  • Talk to product and tech experts — no middlemen.


  • Product managers lead the cross-functional product team that usually includes software engineers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, back-end and front-end developers, and a tech lead—who also plays the role of a Scrum Master. Beyond this core product development team, product management also collaborates with marketing, sales, and support departments.

  • We firmly believe that you do. A dedicated full-time Product Manager guides the entire development team to ensure that a product’s idea becomes reality by putting both the product and the customers first. A Product Manager maximizes product success at every step of its life cycle, managing the quality of work, reducing risks, and creating effective communication with the VP of Product and all stakeholders.

  • Agile is at the core of all our work processes, including product management. Thanks to our adaptive approach to product planning and implementation, we quickly respond to changes and feedback. This Agile approach helps you build and deliver products and features with maximum usability.

  • The Jobs To Be Done framework is an approach Product Managers use to make sure development teams build products that align with what customers want. Placing the focus on customers, development teams dive deep into user research and get a better understanding of their goals (or jobs) and how a product could accomplish those specific goals.